bridging ASL, DMR and DSTAR

Patrick Perdue

Hello everyone:

I currently have a bridge between a Brandmeister DMR talk group and DSTAR via an XLX reflector, using a remotely connected machine running ambed with two ThumbDV dongles.

I am thinking of setting up an ASL bridge. However, it occurs to me as an audio guy that just connecting ASL directly to DMR with the current bridge as it is wouldn't be the best sounding option, as calls to and from DSTAR would be transcoded through DMR before it gets to ASL. I would think that using ASL as a hub would mitigate this problem, but perhaps cause new ones, such as no data for call signs between DMR and DSTAR.

What would be the best approach for handling this? Also, do I need more ambe vocoder channels, or is two plus instances of Analog_bridge sufficient for these three modes??

Thanks and 73


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