Re: MMDVM_BRIDGE and connect to XLX selected Module #mmdvm_bridge

Steve KC1AWV

> Then why do you quote DMRGateway config # for Module =  D ? 

That was my mistake, I was looking fast through my docs and made the mistake of quoting the wrong part.

On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 11:02 AM Adrian Fewster <vk4tux@...> wrote:

On 3/10/19 12:38 am, Steve KC1AWV wrote:
> Steve, I wonder why you call the module id's TG's
> I do recognise XLX and openspot accept link id's as group contact protocol, whereas usually they would be private call.
You answered your own question there. Call it whatever you want, but placing a call to 4001-4026 will switch MB to the module you want.
Technically 4001 - 4026 are not TG's , however i get that you dont care what you call them.

> I think the question refers to using mmdvm_bridge without DMRGateway to connect to a XLX module. You document shows DMRGateway in the mix, however you did not show DMRgateway in your flow line in this thread   ?
That's an oversight on my part, it's been a while since I've touched that document. MB does not need DMRGateway to connect to an XLX server. <$

I understand that, however module connect is needed, after the server connect from MMDVM_Bridge direct.

$ Then why do you quote DMRGateway config # for Module =  D ?  How does mmdvm_bridge connect to a module   ?

> AFAIK the Options= for mmdvm_bridge is only relevant to DMR+? if it worlks with XLX please let me know, I have not seen it work.
Well, that's the Options line. What I mentioned was the Module line. The Module line is what initially connects MB to an XLX module.

> A mmdvm_bridge config supporting XLX module link would be great.
That's what my document shows. I didn't say copy my document exactly, just use it as a guide.

[XLX Network] << #






# Local=3351








Steve Miller

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