Re: and TG Bridge state change fun

Corey Dean N3FE <n3fe@...>

Here is what mine looks like and works if you want a reference...

    'BMUSA': [
            {'SYSTEM': '3102',          'TS': 2, 'TGID': 3160, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [3160,], 'OFF': [10], 'RESET': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'TEST',         'TS': 1, 'TGID': 3160, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 10, 'TO_TYPE': 'ON',  'ON': [3160,], 'OFF': [4000], 'RESET': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'MASTER',    'TS': 1, 'TGID': 3160, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 10, 'TO_TYPE': 'ON',  'ON': [3160,], 'OFF': [4000], 'RESET': []}

Corey N3FE


On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 4:30 PM, JJ Cummings <cummingsj@...> wrote:
I have been playing with DMRLink and HBLink (using IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge branches) and have a system up and running that looks like follows:

<HB Repeaters><--> [HB_Bridge] <--> [IPSC_Bridge] <--> [] <--> <CBridge>

This setup is working very well, is of course used to define what TGs are allowed to bridge between the HB and IPSC sides.  Today I decided to try and add some Timeout type bridges and have not had any luck.  Below is an example bridge group:

     'BM-COLORADO': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'IPSC_MASTER',    'TS': 1, 'TGID': 3108, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': [], 'RESET': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'IPSC_BRIDGE_PEER',    'TS': 1, 'TGID': 3108, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'ON', 'ON': [3108,], 'OFF': [], 'RESET': []}
In the above, IPSC_MASTER is the Master that the CBridge connects to and IPSC_BRIDGE_PEER is the peer that connects into the Master listening on the IPSC_BRIDGE instance.  So when a call is initiated on the HB side of the house it will come through the IPSC_Bridge and end up at the IPSC_BRIDGE_PEER.

Having said all of this I have debugged the problem back to a triggering event issue, and I don't know if I have misconfigured something or if it's just a thing that needs to be added.  The CONNECT action for a Bridge triggers when a GROUP VOICE END event occurs (Line 372 in and when a call initiates from HB -> IPSC there is only a GROUP VOICE START event (and the same is true for IPSC -> HB incidentally)..

Example: (when calling from HB -> IPSC)
Debug from
INFO 2017-11-08 14:20:39,635 (IPSC_BRIDGE_PEER) GROUP VOICE START: CallID: 144 PEER: 54324, SUB: 3108853, TS: 2, TGID: 3108

Debug from HB_Bridge
INFO 2017-11-08 14:20:39,606 Voice Transmission Start on TS 2 and TG BM_COLORADO (3108) from N0PKT
INFO 2017-11-08 14:20:53,457 Voice Transmission End 13.84 seconds loss rate: 0.43% (230/231)

So as you can see from the above the triggering event never actually makes it over to the IPSC side, I'm gonna continue stepping back through the code to see if I can't find what/when/where, but I thought that someone may have a simple answer for me...

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