Re: MMDVM_BRIDGE and connect to XLX selected Module #mmdvm_bridge

SP2ONG Waldek

Steve and Mike,

I suppose MMDVM_Bridge is based on MMDVMHost and looking at the sources in the version.h file

there is information about the software version. Maybe it will be nice to put, for example, "20190701-MMDVM_Bridge" just like Andy does in MMDVMHost for Pi-Star: "20190923-Pi_Star"

I suspect why I see "MMDVM_Unknow" in the "PACKAGE_ID" field of the Hombrew protocol from MMDVM_Bridge. Looking for MMDVMHost sources in DMRNetwork.cpp

is placed in PACKAGE_ID information about the hardware/modem used. Because MMDVM_Bridge does not use a hardware modem, it is "MMDVM_Unknown"  it looks OK, but it might be better to enter the  "NONE" :-), but there is cosmetic information when we displayed information about connected systems / users, such as on maps or BM status, etc.:

73 Waldek SP2ONG

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