Re: Bridging a P25Reflector and a YSFReflector?

Jake Litwin

Sorry to reopen this thread. Need a little guidance. So initially I set up A YSF Reflector. On that same server I have an MMDVM Bridge setup to bridge YSF to DMR. I have installed the P25 Reflector using the apt-get repository. I installed another instance of the MMDVM_Bridge. Named it's instance directory MMDVM_Bridge2. The P25 reflector is up and shows in the log when someone connect to it. However, I can't get it to bridge over to the YSF Reflector. I have attached the configs for DVSwitch.ini and MMDVM_Bridge.ini for that second instance. Also the config for P25Reflector.ini

Any thoughts? My first instinct is maybe because YSF is already bridged to DMR that there is a port issue because YSF is already bridged over. I'm fairly new to this but catching on.

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