Analog Bridge and DStar

Mike, AA9VI

How to I configure Analog Bridge to communicate with ircddbgateway?   I am using a DV3000 usb dongle.
I have a few questions.

1) How do I configure Analog_Bridge.ini to allow ircddbgateway and dummy repeater to speak to analog bridge?  The file is fairly straight-forward for DMR, but I want to interface with DStar.  Does anyone have a sample file?

2) I get the error "cannot open the sound card" when I load dummyrepater.  What I am doing wrong?  I followed these directions:   But, this does not seem to be adequate in explaining what else I need to do.  Under Dummy Repeater--> Edit--> Preferences--> sound card I chose input and output to be the Dummy PCM.  Under Dongle I chose DV3000 serial., /dev/ttyUSB0, and speed 460800. What do I choose for controller?  Why would I get this error?

thanks much,
Mike, AA9VI

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