Re: DMR to Allstar "blocked"

Chris K7AZ

For my similiar Blocked problem, I was told to set Min TX to 2500 so is 3000 more better?

I'm attempting to transcode a Monday evening ASL net and have no control over guys short keying but could reduce their hang tails from 2 sec to 1/2 sec....?

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Chris K7AZ 

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Thank you!

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In Analog_Bridge.ini set:
minTxTimeMS = 3000 it will help.

Steve N4IRS

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Subject: [DVSwitch] DMR to Allstar "blocked"

Hello. I've been experimenting with DVSwitch for a very short time, and it's working for the most part. I'm bridging a stand-alone Allstar node (no radio) to a Brandmeister talkgroup.

Enter my issue... My bridge is announcing "Blocked" and "User Blocked" on occasion. It's audible on the Allstar side, but not DMR Would this be due to frequent key ups, and being blocked on Brandmeister? I know the blocks usually last an hour or so, but it's annoying to hear the announcement. Ha. Is there any sort of kerchunk delay that would avoid this?


Adam, W8FLH
Greenville, Ohio

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