Re: MMDVM_BRIDGE and connect to XLX selected Module #mmdvm_bridge

SP2ONG Waldek

Hi Mike and Steve

Is it known when you can expect a version of MMDVM_Bridge that will allow you to connect to XLX with selected module? (Options = XLX: 4003)

I also read in

Mike N4IRR has some comments on audio levels between the two modes and he is planning a writeup for the wiki. We also discussed the possibility of allowing adjusting the audio level in this type of bridge. Plans are in the works for a proof of concept over the next week or so.

Did you solve the problem of adjusting the audio levels between DMR and YSF?
Thanks to this, replacing the YSF2DMR application would be very useful for the quality of the connection between XLX DMR and YSF reflector

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 04:50 AM, Waldek SP2ONG wrote:
OK, on github is version from  M: 2019-10-07 06:55:32.816 Built 10:28:48 Jul  1 2019 (GitID #43be6b4)

You have update 2 July  and this version has working XLX but is not avilabel as binary on GitHub

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