Good Morning:
I have this situation and after hitting everything I will appreciate any advice: I'm trying to use physical ambe3000 installed on a arduino 2560. this setup works perfect on Win-Bluedv with the correct fw installed on my board as per former instructions (I commment this just fyi to get the picture the board is ok) . the point is when I connect the arduino+ambe300 setup to the RPIĀ  (I'm using EA5GVK image), it seems the system does not detect the physical ambe and, as the screen reads (no DV3000 found...), turns to the sw emulation on port 2470. Please correct me if I'm wrong... On the txt file for ambe log located at TEMP, I can only see that the serial port is open but no reference to the ambe board, so that's another symptom that leads me to think the system does not recognize my ambe board.
Anyway the system works perfect but I'd love to see this worked out. any help or advice will be much appreciated.
REgards from Madrid,

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