Re: Bridging to multiple Brandmeister Talkgroups HBLink

Skyler Fennell

Yeah I realized that after doing research after I already posted the question. I won't bridge TGIF in, I've never even messed with TGIF before.

So what is different between OpenBridge and the bridges used for repeater-1, repeater2 etc.? Could you send me a sample of openbridge? 

Even if I'm not bridging 2 brandmiester talkgroups, but say bridging to another HBLINK server on repeater-2, is my configuration right, or can you not have more than 1 repeater on different talkgroups connected to the same conference?

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 10:18 AM Alec-N1AJW <alec.wasserman@...> wrote:
p.s. you can never bridge any BM TG's and TGIF TG's together.  they must remain autonomous of each other in your bridges..


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