Re: MMDVM_Bridge segfaulting on RPi 1B with Debian Buster


I ran into something like this previously. What happened for me was the CPU was v6 and the code is compiled for minimum of v7 architecture. Instant segfault. If you run a debugger on it you’ll likely see an invalid instruction reported. I think the tool chain and CPU target advanced somewhere…

73 Ben KE8CGS

On Oct 24, 2019, at 4:26 PM, Florian Wolters <> wrote:

Dear folks,

I am trying to rund MMDVM_Bridge on a RPi 1B with Debian Buster. The
binary exits with a Segementation Fault right after start. Nothing else
on the screen/console.
Is this binary not supposed to be run on that old hardware?

vy73 de Florian DF2ET

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