Re: Bridging to multiple Brandmeister Talkgroups HBLink

Skyler Fennell

The thing about openbridge is I have to find someone at BM, and I've always had a hard time dealing with them and getting stuff to work, then it is a permanent connection, not something I can disconnect and edit on the fly to our communications needs. Also, support tickets are useless, I've submitted a few support tickets before on BM, and they usually just randomly disappear after 4 months of me waiting. 

I thought I would implement HBLink so I could get around double vocoding to bring in multiple talk-groups and systems such as fusion using an asterisk background, but maybe it is better just to do that and deal with the fact that call-sign translation does not happen. I can easily run multiple instances of MMDVMHost with the same 62031 outbound port at the same time, but it does not seem like HBLink will talk to BM that way. 

If there is any other way I can simply bridge Two talkgroups together using two "hotspot" instances, it would be greatly appreciated. It seems right now that I can only have 1 outbound connection to the BM network at a time on my HBlink instance. 

My Goal:
NORMAL OPERATION ( I CAN Get this to work Right now) 
ASL <---> ANALOG_BRDGE <---> HBLINK <----> BM SkyHub 310847, YSF REFLECTOR 

SEVERE WX Operation
ASL <---> ANALOG_BRIDGE <---> HBLINK <---> BM SkyHub 310847,BM Colorado WX Talkgroup, YSF Reflector

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 10:32 AM Skyler Fennell via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Yeah I realized that after doing research after I already posted the question. I won't bridge TGIF in, I've never even messed with TGIF before.

So what is different between OpenBridge and the bridges used for repeater-1, repeater2 etc.? Could you send me a sample of openbridge? 

Even if I'm not bridging 2 brandmiester talkgroups, but say bridging to another HBLINK server on repeater-2, is my configuration right, or can you not have more than 1 repeater on different talkgroups connected to the same conference?

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 10:18 AM Alec-N1AJW <alec.wasserman@...> wrote:
p.s. you can never bridge any BM TG's and TGIF TG's together.  they must remain autonomous of each other in your bridges..


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