Re: MMDVM_Bridge Timeout

David Ranch

I had a very similar issue with my Rpi 3+ running HamVoIP the current version of HamVoIP + DVSwitch software.  In my case, I was loosing connection to the BM Master every 70 seconds and I even created Brandmeister support ticket BMUSA-1193 .  The fix?  I rebooted my Raspberry Pi.  I can't explain why this would be but after I did that, everything was fine.  Give the reboot a try and let us know if it helps.  If it does, maybe this is indicating some sort of a long run issue with DV Switch, HamVoIP's Asterisk, etc.


On 10/26/2019 01:07 PM, Dexter Harroo wrote:
Hi Guys,
I have MMDVM_Bridge setup to link a DMR Talkgroup to a ysf reflector, it has been working flawlessly for quite some time, recently i started having issues with the connection where it times out.
closing DMR network
opening DMR network
Login to the master has failed, retrying network connection
closing DMR network
opening DMR network
sending autorization 
sending configuration
logged into the master successfully
Login to the master has failed, retrying network connection.

and it keeps doing that over and over again, has any one else experienced this, can someone shed some light as to what may be the issue, so far i checked my ports on the router to make sure they're opened

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