Re: MMDVM_Bridge segfaulting on RPi 1B with Debian Buster

Steve N4IRS

I have built MMDVM_Bridge on a Pi 1. (armv6l) Give it a try on your 1B
It is in the github repository at <> in the bin directory.

We have no plans at this time to include support for the v6 in the apt repository, but I will update github with the binary.
Next I'll build Analog bridge for the v6.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 10/24/19 4:26 PM, Florian Wolters wrote:
Dear folks,

I am trying to rund MMDVM_Bridge on a RPi 1B with Debian Buster. The
binary exits with a Segementation Fault right after start. Nothing else
on the screen/console.
Is this binary not supposed to be run on that old hardware?

vy73 de Florian DF2ET

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