AMBEserver on rPI for Analog_Bridge

Patrick Perdue


A while back, I saw something on this group to the affect of changing timing to make the ThumbDV+AMBEserver combo work better on a Raspberry Pi, but I can't find it now after searching the archives for an hour.

Note that I haven't set this up yet -- still waiting for dongles to arrive. They should be here tomorrow.

I have DVSwitch and ASL running in the cloud, and want to use AMBEserver on a remote Raspberry Pi 4 2GB instead of md380-emu. I'm using a 3.5A power supply on the Pi 4. I'd like to host two dongles for two different, completely unrelated connection points, each with it's own AMBEserver, of course. This is just a dongle host, and won't be running DVSwitch itself.

The Pi is running stock Raspbian.

What should be done in order to optimize things with this setup? Should I still use a powered USB hub, as some have suggested? What about timing?

Thanks and 73


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