Analog_Bridge remote control (TLV) commands exposed.

Steve N4IRS

Mike and I have been working on a utility to help people manage or control Analog_Bridge "on the fly" There are a number of reasons people would want to do this:

1: Change Talk Groups / Reflectors on the fly (tune)
2: Change to Digital Voice mode Analog_Bridge is in (mode)
3: Change audio levels (tlvAudio, usrpAudio)
4: Mute audio from Analog_Bridge (mute)
5: Notify DVSM/UC of the current configuration of Analog_Bridge
6: Display a message on the DVSM/UC screen

Commands can help you query current configuration and other troubleshooting.
Push updated data files (TG / Reflector lists) to DVSM/UC

These commands expand the capabilities of systems using Analog_Bridge.
In a ASL to DMR bridge, you can change talk groups without restarting Analog_Bridge.
With a DVSM system, you can change modes without having to restart Analog_Bridge.

Most commands take a parameter, for example mode:
The mode command without a parameter returns the current mode. This can be used in scripts as a variable. For example:

# Ask Analog_Bridge what is the current mode
mode=`./ mode`
# Send a message (toast) to DVSM
./ message "Changing to parrot $mode"

Below is the current list of commands.
root@omv:/opt/Analog_Bridge# ./

         { mode | tune | ambesize | ambemode | slot | update | tlvAudio | usrpAudio | tlvPorts |
           info | show | lookup | mute | message |
           pushfile | collectProcessDataFiles | collectProcessPushDataFiles | pushurl | collectProcessPushDataFilesHTTP }
         tune {tg|reflector}                             Tune to specific TG/Reflector
         ambesize {72|88|49}                             Set number of bits for ambe data
         ambemode {DMR|NXDN|P25|YSFN|YSFW|DSTAR}         Set AMBE mode
         slot {1|2}                                      Set DMR slot to transmit on
         mode {DMR|NXDN|P25|YSF|DSTAR}                   Set Analog_Bridge digital mode
         update                                          Update callsign databases
         tlvAudio gain                                   Set AMBE audio gain
         usrpAudio gain                                  Set PCM audio gain
         tlvPorts rxport txport                          Set Analog_Bridge receive and transmit ports
         mute {OFF|USRP|TLV|BOTH}                        Cause Aanlog_Bridge to mute a stream
         info                                            Update ABInfo and send to DVSM/UC
         show                                            Pretty print the ABInfo json file
         lookup                                          Lookup a DMR ID/call in the local database
         message msg                                     Send a text message to DVSM/UC
         pushfile file                                   Push file to DVSM
         pushurl url                                     Push URL to DVSM
         collectProcessDataFiles                         Collect and prepare DVSM data files
         collectProcessPushDataFiles                     Collect, prepare and upload DVSM data files
         collectProcessPushDataFilesHTTP                 Collect, prepare and upload DVSM data files over http

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