Re: Analog_Bridge remote control (TLV) commands exposed.

Steve N4IRS

We have pushed the initial of (V1.4) to the github repository for Analog_Bridge <>
The example configuration files for ASL have been updated to reflect using the new script to change modes and TG/Reflectors.
We have also updated all binaries for Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge. In the future (Starting in December), We will update all of the apt packages for the DVSwitch programs. We will do this once a month.
In December, we will be adding a number of "support" programs that DVSwitch uses to github and the apt repository.

Please test out the new script and binaries. We need to hear of any issues that crop up BEFORE they are pushed to apt.

For DVSwitch,
Steve N4IRS and Mike N4IRRĀ 

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