Re: Linking DMR to Echolink

Tito Lopez - YN1OB

I recently setup an ASL node in the cloud with the procedures from that link. It works fine if you take the time to tune it up. Lots of fun linking up those 3 systems. 73's

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019, 8:54 PM Patrick Perdue <patrick@...> wrote:

You can setup EchoLink in ASL, then use the USRP driver as described to bridge using ASL, Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge. My advice, don't. EchoLink over DMR and vice versa sounds horrible, especially with the MD380-emu vocoder. It's not much better with a hardware dongle. The GSM codec of EchoLink, plus the levels all over the place make it a pretty substandard experience, both on analog and digitally, but especially digital. I have recently had to ban nodes from my bridge who connected EchoLink, because it was generating bad noises on digital modes, and didn't sound much better on analog. When the object is to communicate, and that isn't possible due to layers of artifacts due to clipping and transcoding *before* going to DMR, etc.

But, if you really want to do this, see this post for setting up a bridge between DMR and ASL.

and this for configuring EchoLink on ASL:

You'll need an EchoLink -l node number before configuring anything.

On 11/6/2019 10:52 PM, Dexter Harroo wrote:

Hi Guys, 
Don't know if this has been asked before. is there any software in the group that i can use to link lets say DMR to Echolink? if there is i am willing to give it a go.

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