IPSC-bridge Dmrlink and HBlink3: help for how to #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink


Hi all,
i'd like to connect our Hblink3 to some Motorola repeaters.
Here i'd like to share what I think to have understooded to check if is it right and\or what I should do to get my goal.
I think this post could be usefull to make and edit a Wiki about it. 
I apologize for the large number of questions in one post.
So, these are my notes (please correct and review it):
System should be configured in this way:
Prerequisites/ Starting points: Hblink3 fully working (with dmr_utils3 installed too)
Moto Rpt <---> dmrlink <--> IPSC_link <--> Hblink3<--> Rest of Wolrld  
ip   ip
port   port
password   password
1) #download packets
git clone -b HB_Bridge https://github.com/n0mjs710/HBlink.git   (it will make a dir /hblnk)
git clone -b IPSC_Bridge https://github.com/n0mjs710/DMRlink.git
2) installing dmrlnk\Ipsc_bridge ./mk-dmrlink  After that is it necessary or usefull merge dmr_link directory with dmr:link3 ???
installing Hb_bridge... How? Is it self executing without any kind of installation? Or is  it simply necessary merge Hblink3 with this hblink?
3) Configure dmrlink: which are main config files? IPSC_bridge.cfg? dmrlink.cfg?
Configure HB_bridge: which are main config files (can we use only hblink3 configs?)
4) Executing dmrlink alone for testing: $ sudo python3 dmrlink.py  ????? IPSC_bridge.py ??? Both of these? None of these?
Stop dmrlink
Executing Hb_bridge alone for testing: $ sudo python3 .....bridge.py ???? (which is executable file from HB_Bridge)
Thank you in advance for yours tips and tricks.

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