Re: MMDVM_BRIDGE and connect to XLX selected Module #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Should not need DMRGateway What is your option and what server and port?

On 11/8/2019 11:22 AM, davidchien0327 via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks KB3FS and Steve ,I had update to last MB version and can connect my XLX DMR with selected module with Options ,and seems can pass traffic from BM TG to my xlx module D 

But I got same result as Ernie
MB connects and will pass traffic. Then drops  with connection  to the master has timed out. Then reconnects. On both MMDVM-xlx and mmdvm-bm ,network link as below

XLX DMR <-> MB-xlx<->MB-bm<->BM TG 46620

Is the link correct? Or I need to add DMRgateway to each side ?

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