Analog_Bridge stops bridging

Patrick Perdue


I have Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge running on a Debian Stretch VPS. Analog_Bridge is connected to a remote DV3000 dongle hosted on a Raspberry Pi at my house. Pings between my house and the

server average 3 ms, with higher spikes. The worst I see is 19 ms, but that's not at all typical.

Sometimes, after Analog_Bridge has been running for some time, traffic appears to stop bridging. There is no activity in the log indicating that it is receiving or transmitting between MMDVM_Bridge and USRP. It just stops, requiring a restart of A_B, which makes everything work again.

Sometimes, it can run like this for a day or two. Other times, it can fall over in less than an hour.

I haven't figured out a pattern in the logs. At first, I thought it might be short keys from Allstar, but it often just drops in the middle of transmission, and it doesn't seem to matter what side of the bridge is transmitting at the time. I have tried running it in the console and as a daemon with the same result. Note: I'm using the version of Analog_Bridge from the repository. Is this a known, fixed issue in the latest build from github?

This didn't happen when I was using the md380-emu vocoder, as far as I can remember. I had Analog_Bridge running solidly with no restarts for a week.

For a while, I had Analog_Bridge restart four times a day on a Cron, but that wasn't ideal, as it would sometimes break QSOs, and often, it fell over between restarts, leaving large gaps of time when the bridge didn't work if I didn't happen to be around. I haven't yet implemented a macro so anyone can restart the bridge.

Has anyone else experienced this while using a remotely connected DV3000? Would it be safer to run DVSwitch and the DV3000 locally, and have it connect to USRP across the internet rather than having Analog_Bridge connect to my DV3000 that way?

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