Re: HBLink: Adhoc clients with routing rules, conferences etc

Matthew Pitts N8OHU


I believe that, or something close to it, is the purpose of the On and Off entries in each rule. The ones that Steve showed us are empty, but they would hold Talkgroups defined for the purpose of enabling and disabling rules.

Matthew Pitts

On May 30, 2017 4:36:32 PM EDT, "" <> wrote:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing the configuration, that confirms the understanding I have so far.

To clarify my question, if HBLink is acting as a masterĀ only, without any additional systems, are DMR frames passed between connected clients? If so, is it possible to apply the timeouts and 'rules' to inter-client traffic?

If this isn't currently a feature of HBLink, is it supported in DMRLink or the upcoming 'DVSwitch'?

Thanks again for your assistance and contributions to DMR.


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