Re: IPSC-bridge Dmrlink and HBlink3: help for how to #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink


I have my network running... almost. I scrapped the whole thing and started by loading dmrlink and IPSC_bridge. I got things working there with a Moto 8300 linking through to a Motorola Master with 7 other repeaters connected to it so assumed all was good. I then set up my HBliink and have a few hotspots linking through it. I then set a second Moto 8300 repeater connecting to DMRlink which works except it is not linking to the first repeater. Each can talk into all the others on the Moto Master but the two will not connect to each other. I also do not have a successful link between the dmrlink and HBlink3 system. I am guessing I am missing a bridge profile or something. Baby steps. I will keep hammering at it and hope someone who has "been here done this" my offer up a few tips.

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