Re: Switch Between BM and TGIF

Tom Corcoran

Here's what I've added to dvsm.ini

DMR = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ dmr.ini
DSTAR = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ dstar.ini
NXDN = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ nxdn.ini
P25 = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ p25.ini
YSF = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ ysf.ini
TGIF = /opt/Analog_Bridge/    ; added new
BM = /opt/Analog_Bridge/          ; added new

Look correct? If so, should I expect to see the TGIF and BM options displayed in "Mode Select"? If not, where/how to I invoke processes?

tnx ... Tom VE3NY

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