Re: Switch Between BM and TGIF

Steve N4IRS

And... What does Analog_Bridge.log tell you?

On 11/25/19 10:52 PM, Tom Corcoran wrote:

added last two lines to dvsm.ini
and dialed *13 and *14 ... no change in network.

DMR = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ dmr.ini
DSTAR = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ dstar.ini
NXDN = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ nxdn.ini
P25 = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ p25.ini
YSF = /opt/Analog_Bridge/ ysf.ini
13 = /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/
14 = /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/

drawing blanks. please remind me where analog log is located.... tnx ...Tom VE3NY

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