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Not sure if your looking for input, but I was listening to Steve K4KSA on P25. His audio sounded a little over driven. I assume he was on analog??? Maybe it was the audio he was putting in on his side.

So far pretty good, I was listening from my end on Allstar, but I dropped the link because "everything" I got going here, a zello user on my end got in and I just didn't want to add that layer of confusion.

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On Nov 27, 2017 8:14 AM, "Bob kc2cwt" <kc2cwt@...> wrote:
Very nice ... thank for all your time and hard work on this ..

Bob Schneider

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As of this morning IMBE_Bridge is running in 2 way mode. In other words, full transceive. ASL <---> MMDVM P25 Network. It is connected to ASL node 2600. This is still early code. Some cleanup is still left to do.
I will leave it in transceive on The NA TG 10200 while I ma monitoring it. If I am going to be away from the console I'll put it in receive only. We do not want to put out noise on the most popular P25 reflector


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