Re: mmdvmb.service in amd64?

Steve N4IRS

You don't need the full path
systemctl status mmdvm_bridge
systemctl start mmdvm_bridge
ststemctl stop mmdvm_bridge
systemctl enable mmdvm_bridge

What is the result of systemctl status mmdvm_bridge?
what is the result (not just it did not work) of systemctl start mmdvm_bridge?
what is the result of ls /lib/systemd/system/mmdvm_bridge.service?

On 11/30/19 7:28 AM, Tom Corcoran wrote:

I have tried 
systemctl restart /lib/systemd/system/mmdvm_bridge.service

as well as 
/lib/systemd/system/mmdvm_bridge.service restart

and system doesn't restart to reset the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file. Macro makes the change but does not restart. Am I missing something?

tnx ... Tom VE3NY

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