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We have asked this many time. If you intend to ask for help, the following are absolutely mandatory. The people who write the software will not supply help if you do not:

* Include the explicit names of the programs you’re running and how they’re connected. This isn’t “HBlink3” it’s probably, probably not DMRlink, but
* Include copied of configuration files, rule files, etc. The files, or the text NO SCREENSHOTS
* Include any pertinent, tracebacks (errors) and/or log files

From this moment on, I will not offer or even respond to requests for help if these things are not included. Period.

On Nov 30, 2019, at 3:06 PM, ai6bx via Groups.Io <ai6bx.keith@...> wrote:

I have DMRlink configured and running with a bridge to a Motorola master as well as two peer moto DMR machines linked to a master instance I have built within DMRlink. I also have HBlink3 installed with a master for my hotspot. This seems to be running as well with no errors. As I have no interest at this point in linking to Brandmeister, I have not built an OpenBridge or built out the Repeater-1 profile so both are set to false. I can see my hotspot keying and can also see activity in the logfiles for DMRlink. What I am not seeing is traffic passing between the two. It feels like I am missing a stanza in the .cfg files or a bridge activating somewhere. 

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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