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Steve N4IRS

IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge were built with one basic purpose in mind, to take the data stream down to it's component parts. Those parts are voice data and meta data. once these parts are extracted they are transported to a "Partner" program. The transport is TLV, Tag Length Value. The TLV is sent via UDP to the Partner program. In the beginning the primary Partner was Analog_Bridge. The power to TLV is the ability to connect two Partners together. TLV is the common connection. TLV allows Partners to communicate like data. When a transcoder is needed, for example DMR to D-Star or DMR to P25, two instances of Analog_bridge are connected to convert encoding types.

In the case of IPSC to HB, IPSC_Bridge is cross connected to HB_Bridge. IPSC_Bridge<->HB_Bridge. The cross connect is on the TLV UDP ports.

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Thank you for these links. Perhaps this is a stupid question however since I already have DMRlink installed via mk- should I just copy the IPSC files over or clone this entire directory and run mk- again? Also, should I remove HBlink3 and utilize this version or install this package in addition to HBlink3?


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Note I do not see the in any of my current installed directories. Is this something installed independent of DMRlink?




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I need to understand what you’re attempting to do. Please fill in the gaps for me?


You have a number of Motorola repeaters and MMDVM devices. You’re trying to make them all talk together on a private network. You do not have any “upstream” connections to the “big networks” or laterals to other independent networks?


Is that right? The use case changes best practice. Also, which “side” has more devices – the Motorola repeaters or the MMDVM devices? Today? Expected in the future?

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First, my apology as I am still new to the groups here and finding my way through these tools. DVSwitch is clearly a powerful set of programs and bridges that I am certain will do exactly what I am trying to accomplish Once I better understand the relationships between them and some of the pieces that make those links work. I am currently running: and have also tried

Following are my files:

Again, I sincerely appreciate any guidance possible and suspect I am missing something that will be blatantly obvious once pointed out.


Keith <dmrlink.cfg><hblink.cfg><><><dmrlink.log><hblink.log><dmrlink.log>



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