Re: Brandmeister to XLX

Adrian Fewster <vk4tux@...>

It's looking now like a bad packet knocking out the transcoder. Need to setup logging to test further.

DMR & D-Star connections seem solid, and ports ok.

On 1/12/19 11:28 pm, Patrick Perdue wrote:

I had this reflector working for about five months until yesterday, accessible in host lists. However, I had a partial system failure yesterday, and callinghome.php didn't seem to make the backup for some reason. The switch is still set to true, but the file isn't showing up after XLXD is restarted. Maybe a permissions problem.

On 12/1/2019 8:23 AM, Adrian wrote:

The red thumb just indicates that the system is not reporting it's Ip to the XLX database server, and hence will be dropped out of the host files.

It is not an indication of any dstar traffic issue. The dstar side looks ok, and I test connected.

It is the DMR side that has the issue., 62030 UDP port block tested here, and really the

reflector needs setting up properly, regarding port forwarding and configuration. It doesn't look finished re xlxd setup.

See  .webroot > ...pgs/ to configure correct ;

$CallingHome['Active']                               = true;                                                   // xlx phone home, true or false  << check true ?
$CallingHome['MyDashBoardURL']                       = '';                        // dashboard url  << check
$CallingHome['ServerURL']                            = '';         // database server, do not change !!!!
$CallingHome['PushDelay']                            = 600;                                    // push delay in seconds
$CallingHome['Country']                              = "Australia";                         // Country
$CallingHome['Comment']                              = "";                                         // Comment. Max 100 character
$CallingHome['HashFile']                             = "/var/www/db/callinghome.php";                 // Make sure the apache user has read and write permissions in this folder. << best in folder with web user/group permission's ownership re eg www-data etc, and/or make it so.
$CallingHome['LastCallHomefile']                     = "/tmp/lastcallhome.php";                 // lastcallhome.php can remain in the tmp folder
$CallingHome['OverrideIPAddress']                    = "";                                      // Insert your IP address here. Leave blank for autodetection. No need to enter a fake address.
$CallingHome['InterlinkFile']                        = "/xlxd/xlxd.interlink";                  // Path to interlink file

$VNStat['Interfaces']                                = array();
$VNStat['Interfaces'][0]['Name']                     = 'eth0';
$VNStat['Interfaces'][0]['Address']                  = 'eth0';
$VNStat['Binary']                                    = '/usr/bin/vnstat';

On 1/12/19 10:34 pm, Ernie Gm7kbk wrote:
Xlx679 has got a red thumb. That's your problem. It's not working. No traffic will pass from the dstar side

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