Re: Linking dmrlink and HBlink3 #dmrlink #hblink

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

Correct – that error is an “error" because I wrote the code that calls it one. It has been observed many times and isn’t an issue. I’ve suspected it has something to do with XNL/XCMP, but am not sure. I could have just as easily put it at the “WARNING” level instead, but wanted to see those pop out at me when they flew by, so put it at the error level.

On Dec 9, 2019, at 6:47 AM, area51now via Groups.Io <area51now@...> wrote:

The error message your seeing looks like mine when a trbo peer is connected (below is mine) every thing working fine here

ERROR 2019-12-09 04:42:22,977 (Peer-5-XN TS2) Unknown Message - Type: f0 From: 4770 Packet: f0000012a249531000


Cort Buffington

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