Re: Analog Bridge and DStar

Steve N4IRS

You may want to list the machines and addresses involved. What is the IP of the DummyRepeater machine? What is the IP address of the Gateway? What is the result of netstat -unap?

On 11/30/2017 07:12 PM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io wrote:
If I put in the Edit--> Preferences--> Network --> Local address   no traffic will flow to the dummy repeater.  The transmit button will not send traffic to another repeater/hotspot on the LAN.  If I use then everything works as expected.

So, I'd like to use in that Local Port field on Dummy Repeater since the ThumbDV and AB are on that same machine but DummyRepeater is simply not functional with that setting.  It will launch fine but not traffic will flow to/from it.

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