TG Listing in DVSwitch

Jay Mazure

Hello all,

I am new to DV Switch.   I installed the ap on my Samsung S7 and have a VM running Ubuntu.     Everything is working fine,  however I find the TG Listing 
awkward to be used.   As well I would like the option to add a TG if possible as well as making simple a simple TG list of what I mostly use.

I see these two items in Ubuntu for TGList:
1.  /usr/local/sbin/

2.. /var/liv/mmdvm/TGList.txt

For example I wanted to add TG5156 for the Philippines.   I thought it would be something simple like editing and making the change in the TGlist.txt file,   but that didn't work.  

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.  If this is being worked on else where or has been discussed elsewhere please advise.

Jay Mazure / WT8K
DMR 3132283

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