Re: ASL to DSTAR and ircDDBGateway config

Steve N4IRS

I don't have a description of the fields, but here is a sample you can edit. Mostly call sign etc.

Steve N4IRS

On 12/22/19 6:22 PM, Ed W8VT wrote:
Have my analog_bridge working on several digital modes and now trying DSTAR. Can someone point me to documentation or explain some of the cryptic fields in /etc/ircDDBGateway? Which are the important ones to make this work with simple ASL-DSTAR bridge? This is just an ASL bridge setup, DVSM is not being used, that will be another project. What ports need forwarded? How is the best way to change reflectors using For now to test I'm just putting one in the ircDDBGateway file.
Knew very little about DSTAR until started playing with this. It certainly is a little bit different.


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