Re: ASL to DMR change TG with DTMF?

Steve N4IRS


On 12/23/2019 2:42 PM, w2jon@... wrote:
Ok, I was able to update the Audio_Bridge executable and I started bringing in some of the config file differences.

in my rtp.conf my primary allstar node has  a functions= functions{nodenumber} directive which corresponds with the defined functions context.

if I insert the provided functions section from your github i am assuming that I would need to add a functions = functions1999 to my 1999 node and rename the new functions section [functions1999] 

If you are inserting functions, I would insert them in the working function stanza.

If I do this then I can use the Supermon DTMF command to send over the change.. this works so far.. but I cannot tell if it;s changing TG's I tried to change to the parrot 9990 TG and I didnt hear anyone although BM shows other peoples activity on the last heard page.. I also do not get into the parro TG when keyed up.

Also do I need to remove the txTg= 9 from my Analog_Bridge.ini?
and also where should I place the various support files ? I see the scripts go in analog_bridge but I'm not sure of the location for the macro file or it's contents?. 
Sorry Steve.. I know I'm close but there is much to learn. I think the bigest issue is that I'm using cromptons image and there seems to be a bunch of decrepancies agains the available documentation on the various processes.

txTG=9 tells AB to startup on TG9. I would suggest you get used to as your command interface to AB. just run for a list of available commands.



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