Re: ASL to DMR change TG with DTMF?

Steve N4IRS

The functions would be "local" to the node, so,
If you are sending a command from your normal node, *73 would execute *73<node> and if you execute the command from the private node, *73 would tune you to 4000.
Clear as mud?

On 12/23/2019 3:01 PM, w2jon@... wrote:

The reason I asked about the functions is that they appear that there would be conflicting with the Allstar node functions.
i may be 100% off on this but this is my understanding.

i.e Allstar node function 73=ilink,13 ; connect link permanent transceive = *73<node> vs  DVSwitch  73 = cmd, /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune 4000    ; Tune the TG 4000 (Unlink from last TG)



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