Re: ASL to DMR change TG with DTMF?


haha yeah pretty much..
From what I can say is that since my primary node Allstar 48353 uses my USB audio to link to my interface radio I only have one method to inject the DTMF tones into the node. 
I connect to the private node running the AB with *731999 that links me from analog to the DMR side 
Since DTMF is not allowed to leave the 48353 node it doesn't pass over to 1999 for commanding.  

So If I understand you the unmodified [functions] section would live happily as the "default" command set and because my A* node is using a directive to tell it which functions set to use [functions48353] it will not try to use the ones we are inserting into the file. If I key a command that isn't in the custom functions section it may / or may not find it in the standard functions section?

It seems that the only method to control that private node would be via the Supermon page after selecting the 1999 node from the top. then I could enter *79{TG#} and the 1999 node would react to this.
If I was to allow dtmf to pass the primary a* node would intercept the commands and act on them as it is the node receiving the audio first from the radio/dongle.
I think in order to use dtmf I would then A: enable DTMF passthrough, and B: create new command codes that don't conflict with the A* commands. 
crazy huh? lol 

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