Re: DSTAR Registration Questions

Steve N4IRS

For D-Star transmit, MMDVM_Bridge is going to need to resolve your DMR ID to call sign.
Let's start with Analog_Bridge. What do you have for these?

; Metadata management
subscriberFile =
/var/lib/dvswitch/subscriber_ids.csv   ; DMR ID to callsign lookup data
exportMetadata = true                   ; Export metadata to USRP partner (transcode setups require this)

; Information for xx_Bridge (Where xx is MMDVM, Quantar, HB, IPSC)
gatewayDmrId = 0                        ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge
repeaterID = 0                          ; ID of source repeater

Let's verify AB can resolve your call sign

grep 3154009 /var/lib/dvswitch/subscriber_ids.csv


On 12/30/19 10:55 AM, Ed W8VT wrote:
Can now connect and receive fine. Listened to a lot  traffic on REF001C. Tried echo and apparently no transmit, Shows my call as connected in tje log and on their dashboard. When I attempt to transmit, this is via iaxRPT ASL and the bridge, I see this in the ircddbgateway log:
M: 2019-12-30 01:33:05: USER: 3154009  NOT FOUND
3154009 is one of my DMR IDs. I swear at one point in this adventure when I keyed saw my call and public IP listed as  unknown.

Another real mystery is this from the analog_bridge log:
I: 2019-12-30 15:16:58.435 Begin TX: src=3154017 rpt=0 dst=9 slot=2 cc=0 call=W8VT
315017 is my other DMR ID. Have no idea where this coming from. Have searched MMDVM_bridge.ini, analog_bridge.ini and dvswitch.ini. Think at one point may have tried it somewhere as a test but can not find it anywhere now.

The bridge is currently operational on DMR and can also be switched to YSF. Works great on these modes.

Still befuddled

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