Re: Getting a Burp Voice Message through ASL <> DMR Bridge #mmdvm_bridge

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

the message is probably "blocked" in a female voice. this means that your bridge has been blocked for an hour for too many keyups in a certain amount of time.

One thing that I found is to increase your tx timer. That might help to eliminate that. I don't have access to my system right this second, so I don't remember what a good setting is, but that will help. Maybe someone can suggest a good value.


On 12/30/19 3:02 PM, Ted Lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Folks!

I have 2 nodes running.   Node 505501 ASL<>DMR DV-Switch Bridge on one Raspberry Pi and Stand alone Node 505500 Raspberry Pi remote base UHF.

When the two nodes are linked,  I get what sounds like a  short voice message that sound line the word " burped " after the remote base courtesy tone. This happens when the remote base receives a siginal.   Can someone explain ? How do I stop this message behavior?

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