Analog_Bridge, proper use of AGC

Patrick Perdue


I have Analog_Bridge currently set up to send unity gain from DMR to ASL, and ASL to DMR at TLV gain factor 0.34.

Over all, this works pretty well, but I would like to raise quieter DMR audio into ASL without raising everything wholesale. I thought perhaps AGC would do this, but all I seem to get is very clipped peaks no matter where I set the gain when AGC is enabled. I have tried -20 to 0 with no appreciable difference. Whatever I use, DMR audio is super loud and digitally clipped

Ultimately, I'd like to insert LADSPA-based processing into the chain and use a couple of different processors for both sides of the signal path, but that's beyond the scope of this post.

What is the recommended gain setting for AGC, and how, exactly, does it work in this context? Is the gain used more like threshold rather than peak?

I'm sure I was able to use AGC with an older version of A_B without clipping. The result was a little rough, but generally worked the way I expected it to.

Thanks and 73



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