Re: Analog Bridge and DStar

Steve N4IRS

I have to make a correction. I was kinda on auto pilot Analog_Bridge is NOT used in a D-Star to ASL bridge.
Just to make sure you understand the data flow:
ircDDBGateway <---> DummyRepeater <--->  asterisk

The modifications to DR make it talk directly to ASL.

I understand you have ircDDBGateway on a separate machine so the actual address is going to be needed for DummyRepeater to talk to ircDDBGateway
DummyRepeater talks directly to Asterisk This is where the environment variables come into play. DummyRepeater uses the environment variables to know how to communicate with Asterisk. If DR and ASL are on the same machine, is fine.

73, Steve N4IRS  

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