Re: OpenBridge Craziness - need some thoughts

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

DELETE the password line in your configuration and type the whole thing again. No copy and paste. If the other end is OPB have them do the same thing. Copy/paste can introduce non-printing characters that get sent.

On Jan 2, 2020, at 12:31 PM, JJ Cummings <cummingsj@...> wrote:

I have been troubleshooting a broken OB for a while now and see this in the logs

INFO 2020-01-02 11:28:08,480 (OBP-3103) *TIME OUT*   STREAM ID: 92891814 SUB: 3141379 PEER: 310885350 TGID: 310815 TS 1 Duration: 3.05

The OB folks say that they see password mismatch errors on their side but we have confirmed that the passwords match.  I'm wondering if it isn't some weird library issue or what.. but it basically started happening 35 or so days ago.. lol what fun I'm having.  I have captured traffic throughout the network to make sure the packets are making it out.... any thoughts are welcome!


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