Re: Analog Bridge and DStar

Mike, AA9VI

" If DR and ASL are on the same machine, is fine."

This is what I am struggling with.  If I change the Dummy to it cannot talk to the ircddbgateway.  Why?
I followed Mike's link and the instructions.  I ASSUME that ircddbgateway does not need to be run on BOTH machines.  That would seem stupid.  I have ircddbgateway only running on one machine,

If I use, or instead of DummyRepeater will talk to the ircddbgateway fine.  But, this jacks up the linkage to asterisk, despite changing the USRP in rpt.conf to  -AND- changing the USRP to in DummyRepeaterThread.cpp, -AND- explicitly sending command lines to change the environment variables USRP address to

It -SEEMS- that if you can't get to work for the DummyRepeater, the whole data flow from DummyRepeater to Asterisk is a no go.

Either that or I am missing something you guys think is implicit.  I've read all the documentation multiple times.  There has to be something assumed in the instructions that isn't explicitly stated.  Either that or my githib version of DummyRepeter from OpenDV is jacked up and the commands I used to compile and make it are insufficient.

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