Re: Rebuilding the Node

Steve N4IRS

When you say one radio stanza, do you mean you have a radio connected in that stanza. Let me answer it this way, you can only have 1 rxchannel per stanza.

This is OK:
rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo                    ; No radio (hub)
; rxchannel = SimpleUSB/usb_1999            ; SimpleUSB
; rxchannel = Pi/1                          ; Raspberry Pi PiTA
; rxchannel = Radio/usb_1999                ; USBRadio (DSP)
; rxchannel = Dahdi/1                       ; PCI Quad card
; rxchannel = Beagle/1                      ; BeagleBoard
; rxchannel = USRP/    ; GNU Radio interface USRP

This is NOT OK

; rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo                  ; No radio (hub)
rxchannel = SimpleUSB/usb_1999              ; SimpleUSB
; rxchannel = Pi/1                          ; Raspberry Pi PiTA
; rxchannel = Radio/usb_1999                ; USBRadio (DSP)
; rxchannel = Dahdi/1                       ; PCI Quad card
; rxchannel = Beagle/1                      ; BeagleBoard
rxchannel = USRP/      ; GNU Radio interface USRP

Hope this helps,
73, Steve N4IRS 

On 1/3/2020 12:55 PM, Tito Lopez wrote:
I am going to rebuild my node. I lost track of so many changes that I cant get audio from ASL to YSF and back. I just have a quick question. in rpt.conf, Can i run the hub and usrp at the same time on a sinlge radio stanza or do I need to run USRP on one and a node on the second ?

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