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Steve N4IRS

I'm sure there are commercial options available for this but as a ham, Build a ASL server. Add a node radio interface for each radio you want to transceive (single frequency only without more complexity)
Run DVSM on Android phones and tablets. (you can have more then one connected client at a time)
Run iaxrpt on Windows machines.

Steve N4IRS

On 1/3/2020 1:52 PM, Mike AE4ML wrote:
I have more than a year for our new public safety building.
We have our own room just outside of the EOC. The conference room is in a different part of the building. I wasn't allowed to place coax into that area but I did get ( should get ) atleast 2 LAN drops in that room when an event is activated.

I'm thinking how I want to approach this. Voip on a laptop or tablet if Im in that area to allow me to connect to the radio(s) in my radio room.

This just brings up the question how others are doing it today.

right now I'm looking at analog FM , P25 is my other option in the EOC.


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