Re: Rebuilding the Node

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

When I had this same situation, what I did was setup USRP on the ASL VPS to point to the IP address and ports on the YSF VPS and then ran the YSF reflector, AB and MB on the YSF VPS. It worked flawlessly and I was able to run a DMR bridge with AB/MB on the ASL VPS and YSF on the separate VPS and not overlap or have decoder issues. I ran each bridge on their own private nodes, but this was prior to DVSwitch Mobile. But if you wanted the YSF reflector full time connected to the ASL node, this would work great.

On 1/3/20 1:58 PM, Tito Lopez wrote:
Read My mind!!!.
Ok I pulled the trigger on rebuilding the node.
Now I will run this new node strictly for ASL<->YSF connecting to an existing ysf reflector hosted on a different vps location/provider.
Do i Need to run USRP in ASL to use DVSwitch mobile ? or would just run the node as just a HUB?
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