DVSwitch Server instructions refresh



I don't have the source PDF to update but here is what I did to accomplish updating my DVSwitch Server in the cloud to use the new dvswitch.sh script instead of all the individual ini's and scripts.

Keep in mind since my install is cloud (no usb or spare ambe device) I have not setup Dstar and I don't really use NXDN and P25. I'm am, however, using EA5GVK's image on a PI at my house to play with those modes.

All I use in the cloud is DMR and YSF.

Good luck I hope you find it helpful:

DVSwitch Mobile
Installation & Initial Setup
Ubuntu 19.4
1. Install Ubuntu 19.4 in cloud or computer
Note: It is recommended that the server have a static IP address.
2. Login to the server open Terminal and obtain root priviliges.
sudo -s
3. Install DVSwitch programs:
cd /tmp
wget http://dvswitch.org/install-dvswitch-repo
chmod +x install-dvswitch-repo
apt-get update
apt-get install dvswitch
4. Download new binaries from Github:
cd /opt/MMDVM_Bridge
wget -O MMDVM_Bridge https://github.com/DVSwitch/MMDVM_Bridge/raw/master/bin/MMDVM_Bridge.amd64
chmod +x MMDVM_Bridge
cd /opt/Analog_Bridge/
wget -O Analog_Bridge https://github.com/DVSwitch/Analog_Bridge/raw/master/bin/Analog_Bridge.amd64
chmod +x Analog_Bridge
5. Run:
mv Analog_Bridge.ini Analog_Bridge_ini.save
wget https://github.com/DVSwitch/Analog_Bridge/raw/master/Analog_Bridge.ini
wget https://github.com/DVSwitch/Analog_Bridge/raw/master/dvsm.macro
chmod +x dvsm.macro
wget https://github.com/DVSwitch/Analog_Bridge/raw/master/dvswitch.sh
chmod +x dvswitch.sh

6. Install Python:
apt-get install python3
apt-get install python

from here you can continue the steps from the pdf:

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