Re: DVSwitch XLX C4FM (YSF)

Adrian Fewster <vk4tux@...>

It is not possible to determine the YSF connect module from any external system, other than radio wires-x function, with no YSFGateway in the connect path.,

i.e direct connect from mmdvmhost., such that xlxd can read the wires-x traffic.

The default module connect is defined in main.h with autolink enabled in xlxd src.

#define YSF_AUTOLINK_ENABLE             1                                   // 1 = enable, 0 = disable auto-link
#define YSF_AUTOLINK_MODULE             'D'

Any YSF connection traffic is immediately converted to DMR within xlxd, and two xlxd YSF connects cannot transfer data (incl GPS) to each other.

Adrian ... vk4tux

On 8/1/20 7:02 pm, Bruno wrote:
Version 2.3.4 of the XLX server offers the possibility of connecting to the XLX server in C4FM YSF mode. With the DVSwitch we have the possibility to connect with the XLX server. How after the connection move through the modules that make up the XLX.
Module A, B, C, D, etc ...
There is a command to pass to change the module with the DVSwitch. Maybe a macro to position in dvsm.macro.
Thank you for your answers
Good work on all of the developments, well done to all.

F1PTL Bruno

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