Re: DVSwitch XLX C4FM (YSF)

Adrian Fewster

All it does is auto connect a nominated module to the YSF client on first connect.

Without this feature you can connect to XLX (seen in repeaters/nodes) in limbo with no module allocated until a radio wires-x request is done to do so from the client system,

Once done, then in comms with that module and seen in users/modules.

On 11/1/20 7:48 am, Eric-K6KWB wrote:
Is this supposed to be enable all the time what ever the circumstances is? Or only for wires-x? Sorry guys I know its not a DVS question : )
#define YSF_AUTOLINK_ENABLE             1                                   // 1 = enable, 0 = disable auto-link
thanks, Eric

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