Re: USPR and GPIO (4 wire analog interface) to P25 #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Can you share more info on what you have done? I think we may have some drivers you might want to look at. Join us at <> where we are customizing ASL for DVSwitch.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 1/23/20 7:04 AM, Tim VK3TIM wrote:
To answer my own question and in case anyone else is interested I have successfully implemented this idea using Allstar node with 2x nodes first node is using modified Pi GPIO SimpleUSB driver and  second node is USRP to Analog Bridge to P25 Gateway - (In fact any digital modes to Analog Bridge) now to setup a User front end to control the modes via a web-page....
Or can this be done using DTMF to Allstar nodes....

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